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Summary: GWX Mod v2.0 for Silent Hunter 3
Date: 02 Sep 08
Filename: GWX_2.0.zip
Size: 1.2GB (1,274,296,609 bytes)
Downloads: 163
Last Download: 2 days ago
More info: http://thegreywolves.com/index.html
GWX 2.1 is here!
The Ultimate Silent Hunter III Supermod

The Grey Wolves team released their Magnum Opus in December, a comprehensive expansion mod for Silent Hunter III that replaces their earlier expansions and should keep Das Boot players very busy in 2008. Along with the well-crafted 600+ page manual, GWX 2.0 added a huge list of additions and tweaks, including battleships, warships, planes, AI subs, merchants of every stripe, sound files, music, graphic fixes, dozens and dozens of new missions, and tons more. As GWX team leader Kpt Lehman remarked, "We started out as puppies digging in the garden... and well... we think we found China!" China indeed, if not the whole Asian continent.

The importance of their work cannot be overstated, GWX simply anchored the massive popularity of Silent Hunter III as the best U-boat subsim ever, for many years to come.
MD5 Sum: 93ce2f03be2b62a5a09f461d21bbe595
SHA1 Sum: a6063deaf360bb7992ae9d9a84a8709dca73cdb2