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Summary: Age of Chivalry Mod Client Patch v1.1.0 to v1.1.1 for Half-Life 2
Date: 13 Jun 08
Filename: aoc_1_1_0_to_1_1_1_Update_Client.exe
Size: 84.1MB (88,142,416 bytes)
Downloads: 195
Last Download: 268 days ago
More info:
• 5. Changes and corrections in this release compared to 1.0

===== Map changes =====
• Overlook
- Human catapults can hurdle the player.
- The breakable pillars now have layers to show how much damage they took.
- The doors into the exit room can now be shut again.
- Spike trap in the lower water tunnels. Switch is placed in the hay area.
- Removed the extra points on completed objectives.
- Catapults now turnable 720 degrees so you can hit the human catapult area.

• Helms Deep
- All players respawn after second flag is taken.
- Fixed battering ram bug where it sometimes tilted over.
- All flags now need to have no defenders within the close area in order to cap the flag.
- Doorways are wider to prevent players blocking them.
- 2 top flags in the upper keep are moved for better gameplay.
- Flag added from lower path in upper keep.
- More props inside the great hall.
- Moved defenders spawn inside the keep further into the great hall.
- Removed doors to prevent players from spamming them for passage blocking.
- Side passage, stone path to the high tower are no longer usable after the 2 flags are taken.
- Doors into the great hall stay open and auto opens once the 2 flags are taken.
- Siegetower has a longer path to travel.
- Changed displacement height levels underneath water, where you push the bomb wagon in to prevent "water combat"
- Fixed inner breach wall being capturable before bomb wagon goes off
- Added a hurt_Trigger and parented to the siege tower so that when it is moving if you stand in front of it you will die, this is to prevent the "crouch underneath to glitch" issue.
- Fixed studdering bug on bomb wagon
- Helms Deep overview updates:
- Removed the Siegetower for less confusion when it has moved.
- Made the map brighter and less saturated.
- Removed the "$vertexalpha" "1", so its not see-through anymore.
- Repainted map with new layout of Mason initial spawn.

• The Shore
- Fixed bug where you could climb over to the peasants.
- Fixed bug where the lock printed that it was damaged when it wasn't.
- Moved the defenders spawn to make the running distance more equal between the teams.
- Moved chop block to the area where the defenders spawn was before.
- Some minor props moved for better placement.
- Added new ramp/staircase to first section so that players can get up to the cave entrance via the water.
- Fixed cows animation stance so it stands where the collision box is.
- Changed soundscape and removed metal noise.
- Fixed ground that was poorly aligned.
- Jailbars now show metal impact and plays metal impact sounds.
- Changed direction of jaildoor, now opens towards the player instead of going into the peasant behind the door.
•• Additional changes in 1.1.1:
- Fixed the barricade so that oilpots thrown at the top sets the ground on fire.
- Removed door decals to get rid of strange rock texture problem.
- Changed the angle on the smoke from the chimneys so that the wind blows in the same direction on the whole map.
- Placed another chimney ontop of burning house to fix the chimney not showing on both sides of the house problemo.

• Dark Forest
- All players are now respawned when the wagon has reached the aqueduct.
- Made the roadblock house upper area wider and the doorways wider to prevent player blocking.
- Fixed miss-aligned materials in aqueduct.
- Added func_clip_vphysics to all spawn areas and the wooden log so you cannot block the wagon or put physics in spawn area for weapon cheating.
- The 3 Flags changed into captive peasants with healthbars.
- Water in the ravine is now deadly.
- Gate into Wooden Keep is now only destructable by catapults and cannot be opened.
- Added clipbrushes and fences to keep players from map edges.
- New side ojective with a watersupply in the caves.
- Added staircase to ruins at water supply for archer support.
- Fixed random bridge section that was set to break on touch.
•• Additional changes in 1.1.1:
- Fixed lampholders pointing wrong direction.
- Recompiled the pole models to be wood instead of metal.
- Fixed water artifact in aqueduct.
- Removed left over piece from old flags.
- Added more spawnpoints for better spawn after spawnmove.
- Added window to upper floor in the wagon house.

• Stoneshill
- Fixed bug where players could jump from tree to a spot they shouldn't.
- Removed Yellow start barrier now that we have warm-up enabled in the code.
- Moved first flag closer to the stone arch, it's now pretty much the same distance to run for both teams to the flag.
- Changed cap time on flag, so it now takes 25% less time to capture the flag.
- Moved/Changed buildings a bit in the town to make it a bit harder for defenders to move directly to the flag and also not being able to shoot directly after spawn.
- Added new spawn for Agatha after the Siegetower has reached its final position; you now spawn in the cave.
- Moved Mason Catapult to the other side of the gatehouse. Changed velocity and angles on it so you can fire on the bridge and the Agatha catapult.
- Moved Mason order spawn point inside castle further in, it now takes 4-5 seconds longer to reach the battlements/horse than before.
- Changed Cow into Horse.
- Changed regeneration speed of health to 10hp/sec instead of 20hp/sec of the horse (former cow)
- Added a clipbrush to the whole bridge so you cannot fall under the bridge.
- Changed water height, only a very few spots where you can duck under water. No spot where you have to swim.
- Added a push entity to the waterfall and the water next to the fall. If you step into the water you will be pushed towards the bridge area.
- Moved Town ammo crate to a new open cruckhouse next to the hay stands.
- Fixed bug where Mason order could capture the flag.
- Fixed bug where you could spam the Bell. You can now only ring the bell every 5 seconds.
- Made stones that fall from Bell sound "explode" without a visible explosion. So within a radius of 200 from the center of the stone it now makes 200hp damage.
- Added starfield effect when important objectives are completed.
- Made all players respawn in their new locations after flag is capped. Agatha spawns in town and Mason inside Castle.
- Changed stones into hl2 standard stones to fix walkthrough in Linux.
- Changed horse death to not show cementblocks
- Fixed minor error on spawnpoint being stuck in ground.
- Added flame to fire in cave.
- Changed the guardhouses into towers.
- Added flame to lower part of cave where ammocrate is placed.
- Put clipbrushes next to bridge to avoid getting stuck.
- Fixed spot where you saw the void, added treemodel and backdrop with a treeline.

• Tournament
- New Duel mode map
- First team to reach 10 kills wins the game.
•• Additional changes in 1.1.1:
- Support for multiple opponent battles
- Interactive buttons for spectators such as traps / "Boo button and throwing" in the center
- Various Interactive NPCs in waiting rooms + voice acting for immersion
- Redesigned the basement rooms before entering arena
- Visual scoring system (flags spawning once a point is done to know the points)
- Fixed killer doors
- Fixed some leaks
- Added all the missing UBER HUGE stack of triggers to the additional huge stack ones since it was stopping at 5 points on both sides not 10.
- Fixed a problem where you would respawn in infinite loop at last trigger once fade is triggered.
- Added some more detail lighting for better suitable mood at some places.
- Added more and more details, details, details and optimization details for an even better experience!

• Death Valley
- New Team Battle mode map
- First team to reach 100 kills wins the game.
•• Additional changes in 1.1.1:
- Removed 2 of the catapult shots from each side. Was making the game laggy and also giving errors on sounds.
- Added timelimit for Valleys map config.

• Tombs
- New Team Battle mode map
- First team to reach 100 kills wins the game.

• Battlegrounds
- Objective mode map.
•• Additional changes in 1.1.1:
- Time limit

• The Siege
- Objective mode map.
•• Additional changes in 1.1.1:
- Changed kings son model into Crusader model.
- Added trigger field to keep the Mason from entering the cell.
- Added sounds that the king son say at different times.
- Made the trebuchet aimable sideways.
- Moved the catapult slightly to the left for better aim over the castle.
- Changed movement trigger for battering ram, hopefully takes care of ram moving by itself.
- Small changes to ground for better movement.
- Went over all prop models and set fade distance for better map performance.
- Added new objective. Destroy the drawbridge lever. Mason orders spawn is not moved to cellar before this objective is lost. Makes for more battle at top castle.
- Included new objective for the map description pages.

===== New Functionality =====
• Clan matches support with warm-up and restart at players ready signal
• Automatic screenshot at match end. Activate with "aoc_endshots 1"
• Observer mode GUI updated with Camera man and Demo recording support
• Observer free roam added
• Hud confirmation when you choose a class and weapon from menu
• Headshot and decapitation death icons.
• View punch when hit.
• Player does a flinch animation when hit depending on the hitbox struck.
• Ammo crate has a 30 seconds timer for ammo restock.
• Shields can be held up for a longer period of time, with stamina drain.
• The number of players per class can be restricted by server admins.

===== New behavior and tweaks =====
• All weapons have had a balance overhaul.
• Improved hitbox detection for projectile weapon (bows and thrown)
• Blocking with smaller weapons drains stamina and inflicts damage
• Spawn wave time increased to 10 seconds
• Projectiles can only be blocked if facing the projectile.
• Increased initial load out and restock to 8 Spears
• New sounds for game, footsteps, projectiles, explosions, attacks and impacts.
• Improved voicecomms
• Health is 100 for all players. Armor is now related to the hitboxes.
• Flaming rock gibs for Explosive projectiles.
• The player that fires the catapult is given credit for the explosive kills.
• Player movement speeds tweaked for different classes and weapons.
• Increased damage of throwable axe.
• Oil pot kills now gives the thrower kill score.
• Water detection for projectiles and fire chunks.
• Bot improvements: Will go for objectives. Avoids obstacles. New attack pattern.
• Changed sprintspeed with throwable version to the same as melee of the same weapon.
• Overview map toggle key defaults to "o"
• Weapons deflect when swinging close to items.
•• Additional changes in 1.1.1:
• All weapons have been balanced.
• Set the stabs back to use attack 1 instead of 0 for decal and sound support.
• Improved footstep sounds.
• Increased shield block angle for melee attacks. It's now also possible to block from above and below.
• Increased shield block angle for projectiles and fixed pass through damage.
• Changed up and downtime on hold block animations
• Fixed ammo counter position for wide screen resolutions: 1440*900, 1680*1050 and 1920*1200

===== Bug fixes =====
• Crash in the class menu removed.
• Fix for wrong images shown while entering the Mason order Class menu.
• Fixed end round music not playing.
• All fire effects are now removed when the players dies.
• Peasants head now has correct blood color.
• Fix for Oilpot fire in water.
• Fix for spawn weapon exploit.
• Fix for odd 1.0 server crash when capture touched.
•• Additional changes in 1.1.1:
• Fix for respawn while dying. Could have caused all sorts of problem like missing weapons and ragdolls.
• Fixed "pumpkin Gibs turning into dead bodies."
• Removed loop cues from fire/fire_small_loop1.wav in order to try and fix the looping fire sound!
• Throwables with low air speed are removed. Workaround until the real problem is found.
• Removed "SNAP" from shield animations for smoother blend between up and down on quickblock with shields!
• Fix for random "blood fountains"
• Fixed ammo counter position for wide screen resolutions: 1440*900, 1680*1050 and 1920*1200
• Fix for double hit sounds and the extra hit sound when deflecting

===== Content =====
• Added dr_fireholder2_folded.mdl, a folded version of the dr_fireholder2.mdl. physics model with 3 skins and lods
• Updated dr_fireholder2.mdl, now has lod models
• Added the new func_ladder entity to the .fgd so if you are a mapper, copy the file to sourcesdkinep1in to use it in hammer.
• Stone_hut01_skybox model with 6 skins
• Horse statue from city 17, now made of stone
• Some fixes to capture point stuff in FGD
• New doorframe_stone03 & doorframe_stone04 models. They are one sided, static models with 27 skins
• New stone wall textures
• Health charger model replacement added, now looks like a medieval surgeons table.
• statue_crusader01 model added, used the crusader model to make a basic statue.
• Awesome medieval battle ambience.
• Small spiked rail, 3 skin and a few lods.
• Added celtic cross model..
• Added aoc_tent2.mdl, static, 3 skins
• Added flag models to aoc_animated folder
• Rescaled the horse_01.mdl, now 25% larger and has a better physmodel.
• Firecrag materials, WIP
• Fixed door_02.mdl, added missing texture.
• Updated w_doubleaxe.mdl, now has LOD models.
• Updated w_longbow.mdl, now has LOD models.
• Updated w_flamberge.mdl, now has LOD models.
• Updated w_onehandaxe mdl, now has LOD models.
• Textures for outdoor / blend textures grass/autumn leaves
• Catapult model updated.
•• Additional changes in 1.1.1:
• Flail model wooden skin changed:
- Removed the phong settings
- Made wood more grey.
• Recompiled the crusader player model to use the same animations as the rest of the players.
• Added new animation for use with the crusader model in The Siege (using it as the kings son instead of a peasant)
• Updated peasant models, now have correct phys models and hands no longer look deformed
• New Human Gib models
• Changed the decals for impacts. Made them more narrow and a bit smaller to look more like they are hits from a sharp weapon and not a bullet.
MD5 Sum: 6395786a5e034e03cc80cf91e990f066
SHA1 Sum: ed9d55f34de10003fcab5cd58eb89fee83ddd9b2
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