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Summary: Prey Dedicated Server for Linux
Date: 18 Jul 06
Filename: prey-lnxded-07172006.tar.bz2
Size: 5.2MB (5,475,779 bytes)
Downloads: 6
Last Download: 587 days ago
More info:
Prey Dedicated Server for GNU/Linux README
This document was last updated 07/17/2006

To install:

You'll need the data files from the Prey install disc(s). These instructions
presume you're using the original US retail version, shipped on CD-ROM, but
the steps are similar for other variations.

1. Unpack the Linux-specific files:

tar -xjvvf prey-lnxded-07172006.tar.bz2

This will create a directory named "prey" and put some files in it. You
can delete the .tar.bz2 file now.

2. Copy the data files from the retail discs. Each CD should have a directory
named Setup/Data/Base ... you want the .pk4 files in there copied to the
"base" directory that was created for you in step #1.

cp /where/i/mounted/disc1/Setup/Data/Base/*.pk4 prey/base/
cp /where/i/mounted/disc2/Setup/Data/Base/*.pk4 prey/base/
cp /where/i/mounted/disc3/Setup/Data/Base/*.pk4 prey/base/

(If you have the Collector's Edition DVD-ROM, all the pk4 files are
in "Setup/Data/Base" on the single disc.)

This will copy about 1.6 gigabytes of data! Eventually you'll have copied
pak000.pk4 through pak004.pk4 and game00.pk4. game01.pk4 is supplied with
the Linux package you already unpacked. You are done with the disc(s) now.

3. Start the server:

cd prey
./preyded seta si_map game/dmsalvagewalk

When you see the text...

Async thread started

...then you can type in...

spawnServer this point, the server is running and accepting connections. You
will want to customize and automate your setup now, but this will verify
that the server is functioning as expected.


Running a Prey server is almost identical to running a Doom 3 server.
Documentation on how to customize your dedicated server is beyond the scope of this document, but is readily available through a web search

Support and documentation for using PunkBuster in Prey can be found here:


There is a mailing list for discussion of the Prey dedicated server. To
subscribe, send a blank email to Please
do not report bugs to this mailing list.

Bug Reports:

Bug reports can be directed to

Revision history:
07172006 - First release.

// end of README.linux ...
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