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Patches / Racing

Summary sorting desc Date Size Downloads
Burnout Paradise Patch v1.10 04-05-10 106.2MB 417
Burnout: Paradise: The Ultimate Box Patch v1.0.0.1 04-02-09 21.3MB 635
Colin McRae DiRT Patch v1.1 02-07-07 50.2MB 1220
Colin McRae DiRT Patch v1.2 24-07-07 52.9MB 3294
Colin McRae DiRT Patch v1.22 07-11-08 3.3MB 2164
Colin McRae Rally 2005 Patch v1.1 for Win64 20-10-05 18.8MB 3492
Colin McRae Rally 3 Demo Patch 06-06-03 23.7MB 2525
Crashday Patch v1.1 31-03-06 13.6MB 3860
DiRT 2 Patch v1.1 17-03-10 353.9MB 1580
DRIV3R Patch #2 30-03-05 21.8MB 661
Driver: San Francisco Patch v1.04 23-01-12 66.5MB 25
F1 2010 Patch v1.01 03-11-10 23.9MB 252
GT Legends Patch v1.1.0.0 29-11-05 57.9MB 3208
GTR2002 1.2 Patch 13-02-03 50.1MB 4726
Live for Speed Patch S1 0.3E 16-12-03 2.9MB 2002
Live for Speed Patch S1 0.3E8 13-02-04 1.1MB 8807
Live for Speed Patch S1 0.3H 11-10-04 3.5MB 1377
Live for Speed Patch S1 Demo 0.3H 11-10-04 44.9MB 236
Live for Speed Patch X to Y 28-12-07 65.4MB 2849
Live for Speed Patch Y to Y13 25-03-08 1.5MB 188
Live for Speed S1 0.3E Dedicated Server 16-12-03 683kB 517
Live for Speed S1 0.3E8 Dedicated Server 13-02-04 683.7kB 1536
Live for Speed S2 Alpha Dedicated Server v0.5P2 09-08-05 1.3MB 145
Live for Speed S2 Alpha Patch v0.5P2 09-08-05 1011.7kB 1189
Live for Speed S2 Alpha Patch Y to Z 03-07-08 13.2MB 1323
Live For Speed S2 Patch Q 28-11-05 1.5MB 369
Live For Speed S2 Patch v0.5Q to v0.5T 24-04-06 27.8MB 132
Live For Speed S2 Patch v0.5T to v0.5U 02-05-06 1.5MB 259
Live For Speed S2 Patch v0.5U to v0.5V 02-01-07 6.6MB 431
Micro Machines V4 Patch v1.01 06-10-06 52.5MB 278
MotoGP 08 Patch #1 07-11-08 1.8MB 736
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 Patch v242 17-02-03 995.5kB 9932
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Patch #1 v1010 29-11-10 19.9MB 172
Need For Speed Most Wanted Patch v1.3 07-12-05 12.2MB 40616
Need For Speed Pro Street Patch v1.1 [EU] 19-12-07 227.3MB 2098
Need for Speed ProStreet Patch v1.1 21-12-07 228.3MB 0
Need for Speed ProStreet Patch v1.1 [US/DD] 08-12-08 228.3MB 285
Need for Speed Underground 2 Patch v1.2 (US) 09-03-05 8.2MB 3107
Need For Speed: Carbon EU Patch v1.4 13-06-07 25.8MB 445
Need For Speed: Carbon UK Collectors Edition Patch v1.3 21-11-06 19MB 2851
Need For Speed: Carbon UK Patch v1.3 21-11-06 17.6MB 1088
Need For Speed: Carbon US Patch v1.3 21-11-06 14.5MB 2673
Need For Speed: Carbon US Patch v1.4 13-06-07 7.2MB 3035
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Patch #2 07-02-11 102.3MB 35
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Patch v1.03 19-04-11 101.1MB 36
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Patch v1.04 06-04-11 101.1MB 100
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Patch v1.05 05-07-11 101MB 129
Race Driver: GRID Patch v1.1 13-06-08 188.7MB 1578
Race Driver: GRID Patch v1.3 14-10-09 196.1MB 919
Rally Masters 3.2 Patch 10-09-01 3.1MB 2322
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