Cam Lee Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee has become a fixture here at AusGamers. The Aussie ex-pat took tie out of his Gamescom duties to chat with us again. Check it out!
Wrestling Time
We take a look at 2K Games' latest WWE contender and find out just what the game has in store for fans of the wrestling series. Click here for our full preview!
Resident Evil Within
The Evil Within is creeping up just around the release corner, so we decided to take a look back at Shinji Mikami's incredible Resident Evil 4. Click here for more!
handsome devil
We took the five winged, five week challenge with Hearthstone's first campaign and walked away less deathrattled than you might think. Read on for more!
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Patches / Racing

Summary sorting desc Date Size Downloads
Burnout Paradise Patch v1.10 04-05-10 106.2MB 417
Burnout: Paradise: The Ultimate Box Patch v1.0.0.1 04-02-09 21.3MB 635
Colin McRae DiRT Patch v1.1 02-07-07 50.2MB 1221
Colin McRae DiRT Patch v1.2 24-07-07 52.9MB 3297
Colin McRae DiRT Patch v1.22 07-11-08 3.3MB 2166
Colin McRae Rally 2005 Patch v1.1 for Win64 20-10-05 18.8MB 3657
Colin McRae Rally 3 Demo Patch 06-06-03 23.7MB 2525
Crashday Patch v1.1 31-03-06 13.6MB 3862
DiRT 2 Patch v1.1 17-03-10 353.9MB 1594
DRIV3R Patch #2 30-03-05 21.8MB 663
Driver: San Francisco Patch v1.04 23-01-12 66.5MB 25
F1 2010 Patch v1.01 03-11-10 23.9MB 252
GT Legends Patch v1.1.0.0 29-11-05 57.9MB 3210
GTR2002 1.2 Patch 13-02-03 50.1MB 4726
Live for Speed Patch S1 0.3E 16-12-03 2.9MB 2017
Live for Speed Patch S1 0.3E8 13-02-04 1.1MB 8831
Live for Speed Patch S1 0.3H 11-10-04 3.5MB 1382
Live for Speed Patch S1 Demo 0.3H 11-10-04 44.9MB 236
Live for Speed Patch X to Y 28-12-07 65.4MB 2849
Live for Speed Patch Y to Y13 25-03-08 1.5MB 189
Live for Speed S1 0.3E Dedicated Server 16-12-03 683kB 518
Live for Speed S1 0.3E8 Dedicated Server 13-02-04 683.7kB 1537
Live for Speed S2 Alpha Dedicated Server v0.5P2 09-08-05 1.3MB 147
Live for Speed S2 Alpha Patch v0.5P2 09-08-05 1011.7kB 1196
Live for Speed S2 Alpha Patch Y to Z 03-07-08 13.2MB 1323
Live For Speed S2 Patch Q 28-11-05 1.5MB 369
Live For Speed S2 Patch v0.5Q to v0.5T 24-04-06 27.8MB 133
Live For Speed S2 Patch v0.5T to v0.5U 02-05-06 1.5MB 259
Live For Speed S2 Patch v0.5U to v0.5V 02-01-07 6.6MB 431
Micro Machines V4 Patch v1.01 06-10-06 52.5MB 283
MotoGP 08 Patch #1 07-11-08 1.8MB 736
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 Patch v242 17-02-03 995.5kB 9932
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Patch #1 v1010 29-11-10 19.9MB 173
Need For Speed Most Wanted Patch v1.3 07-12-05 12.2MB 40629
Need For Speed Pro Street Patch v1.1 [EU] 19-12-07 227.3MB 2102
Need for Speed ProStreet Patch v1.1 21-12-07 228.3MB 0
Need for Speed ProStreet Patch v1.1 [US/DD] 08-12-08 228.3MB 285
Need for Speed Underground 2 Patch v1.2 (US) 09-03-05 8.2MB 3196
Need For Speed: Carbon EU Patch v1.4 13-06-07 25.8MB 445
Need For Speed: Carbon UK Collectors Edition Patch v1.3 21-11-06 19MB 2853
Need For Speed: Carbon UK Patch v1.3 21-11-06 17.6MB 1088
Need For Speed: Carbon US Patch v1.3 21-11-06 14.5MB 2673
Need For Speed: Carbon US Patch v1.4 13-06-07 7.2MB 3035
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Patch #2 07-02-11 102.3MB 35
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Patch v1.03 19-04-11 101.1MB 36
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Patch v1.04 06-04-11 101.1MB 100
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Patch v1.05 05-07-11 101MB 131
Race Driver: GRID Patch v1.1 13-06-08 188.7MB 1579
Race Driver: GRID Patch v1.3 14-10-09 196.1MB 920
Rally Masters 3.2 Patch 10-09-01 3.1MB 2326
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