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AusGamers Files

Gran Turismo 5

Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
02-07-10 ag-e32010-granturismo5.mp4 AusGamers E3 2010 Gran Turismo 5 Interview 18.2MB 9
15-01-13 granturismo5_2014corvettestingrayfinal... Gran Turismo 5 "2014 Corvette Stingray Final Prototype" Teaser Trailer 84.6MB 4
17-11-10 granturismo5_academy.wmv Gran Turismo 5 "Academy" Trailer 46.2MB 6
12-01-12 granturismo5_acuransxconceptteaser.mp4 Gran Turismo 5 "Acura NSX Concept" Teaser Trailer 55.1MB 11
23-06-10 granturismo5_e32010retrospective.mp4 Gran Turismo 5 E3 2010 "Retrospective" Trailer 83MB 10
08-03-11 granturismo5_gtacademy2011.mp4 Gran Turismo 5 "GT Academy 2011" Trailer 16.7MB 2
08-03-11 granturismo5_gtacademy2011launch.mp4 Gran Turismo 5 "GT Academy 2011" Launch Trailer 10.1MB 1
20-10-10 granturismo5_kartracing.mp4 Gran Turismo 5 "Kart Racing" Trailer 13.6MB 7
22-11-10 granturismo5_kevinbutlerrtvspot.mp4 Gran Turismo 5 "Kevin Butler - Test Cars" TV Spot Trailer 8.2MB 7
25-11-10 granturismo5_launch.wmv Gran Turismo 5 Launch Trailer 80.6MB 48
08-01-10 granturismo5_mercedesbenzslsamg.wmv Gran Turismo 5 "Mercedes Benz SLS AMG" Trailer 71.8MB 19
15-03-10 granturismo5_nightracing.mp4 Gran Turismo 5 "Night Racing" Trailer 69.6MB 24
02-11-11 granturismo5_spec20.mp4 Gran Turismo 5 "Spec 2.0" Trailer 147.2MB 12
06-07-10 granturismo5_standard.mp4 Gran Turismo 5 "Standard Look and Feel" Trailer 74.1MB 10
21-09-10 granturismo5_tgs2010dynamicweathersyst... Gran Turismo 5 TGS 2010 "Dynamic Weather System" Trailer 91.4MB 64
18-01-10 granturismo5_toyotagsportsft86concept.... Gran Turismo 5 "Toyota G Sports FT86 Concept" Trailer 53.7MB 18
15-11-10 granturismo5_usreleasedate.mp4 Gran Turismo 5 "U.S. Release Date" Trailer 54.2MB 5
06-07-10 granturismo5_visualefx.mp4 Gran Turismo 5 "Visual EFX" Trailer 74.6MB 11
05-11-10 Gran Turismo 5 "X1 Prototype" Trailer 322.4MB 10
09-05-13 granturismo_celebrating15yearssilverst... Gran Turismo "Celebrating 15 Years of Gran Turismo: Silverstone Raceway" Trailer 12.4MB 0
28-07-09 granturismo_psp.mp4 Gran Turismo PSP Trailer 42.7MB 28
18-06-10 GT5eE32010v10_1080.mp4 Gran Turismo 5 E3 2010 Trailer 170.7MB 43
05-06-09 gt5rpe3trailer_fixedv11_1080.mp4 Gran Turismo 5 E3 2009 Trailer 144.8MB 349

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