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Heroes of Newerth

Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
11-05-12 heroesofnewerthmidwars_prepareforwar.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Mid Wars - Prepare for War" Trailer 37.1MB 8
05-03-12 heroesofnewerth_100thherocelebration.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "100th Hero Celebration" Trailer 44.1MB 1
15-12-10 heroesofnewerth_203v3preview.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "2.0 3v3 Preview" Trailer 48.5MB 2
10-12-10 heroesofnewerth_20casualmode.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "2.0 - Casual Mode" Trailer 49.9MB 1
22-07-13 heroesofnewerth_32devblogdd.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Update 3.2" Dev Diary Trailer 57MB 17
19-05-11 heroesofnewerth_anintroduction.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "An Introduction" Trailer 56.4MB 2
04-04-11 heroesofnewerth_aprilfoolsdayscoutteas... Heroes of Newerth "April Fools Day - Scout Teaser" Trailer 23.2MB 1
12-04-12 heroesofnewerth_artilleryherospotlight... Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Artillery" Trailer 154.4MB 3
29-03-12 heroesofnewerth_blitzherospotlight.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Blitz" Trailer 100.9MB 2
23-09-13 heroesofnewerth_circethedeceiver.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Circe The Deceiver" Trailer 94MB 3
20-08-12 heroesofnewerth_corepooldd.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Core Pool" Dev Diary Trailer 25MB 3
25-01-12 heroesofnewerth_countdampeerteaser.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Count Dampeer" Teaser Trailer 15.5MB 2
30-08-09 heroesofnewerth_debut.mp4 Heroes of Newerth Debut Trailer 86.6MB 117
28-09-12 heroesofnewerth_devblogsolstice.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Dev Blog - Solstice" Trailer 97.9MB 2
15-02-12 heroesofnewerth_draconisspotlight.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Draconis" Trailer 106.3MB 0
02-02-11 heroesofnewerth_empathteaser.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Empath Hero" Teaser Trailer 9.4MB 1
20-07-12 heroesofnewerth_freeheroes.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Free Heroes" Trailer 9.5MB 1
19-08-11 heroesofnewerth_frostriderteaser.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Frostrider" Teaser Trailer 4.6MB 0
02-06-11 heroesofnewerth_herospotamunra.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Amun Ra" Trailer 92.8MB 1
04-01-12 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightartesia.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Artesia" Trailer 106.1MB 3
01-02-12 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightberzerker... Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Berzerker" Trailer 104.2MB 1
24-05-12 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightbramble.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Bramble" Trailer 228.9MB 5
23-09-11 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightcthulhuph... Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Cthulhuphant" Trailer 106.8MB 4
01-08-11 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightdrunkenma... Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Drunken Master" Trailer 118MB 2
04-07-11 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightemeraldwa... Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Emerald Warden" Trailer 127MB 4
09-05-11 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightflux.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Flux" Trailer 111.9MB 0
27-10-11 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightgemini.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Gemini" Trailer 116.3MB 0
30-08-11 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightgeomancer... Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Geomancer" Trailer 93.4MB 1
18-01-12 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightgravekeep... Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Gravekeeper" Trailer 112.4MB 3
14-03-12 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightgunblade.... Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Gunblade" Trailer 106.2MB 1
25-04-12 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightillonia.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Illonia" Trailer 81.1MB 1
17-11-11 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightlordsalfo... Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Lord Salforis" Trailer 156.6MB 1
10-12-10 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightmaliken.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Maliken" Trailer 131.2MB 1
20-05-11 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightmartyr.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Martyr" Trailer 104.9MB 1
10-08-11 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightmasterofa... Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Master of Arms" Trailer 149.5MB 4
08-09-11 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightmidas.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Midas" Trailer 111MB 1
07-10-11 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightmonarch.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Monarch" Trailer 128MB 1
22-11-10 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightmoraxus.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Moraxus" Trailer 102.7MB 3
29-08-12 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightoogie.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Oogie" Trailer 229.7MB 5
20-06-11 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightparasite.... Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Parasite" Trailer 110.1MB 3
25-10-12 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightpearl.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Pearl" Trailer 115.7MB 4
04-07-12 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightprophet.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Prophet" Trailer 196.8MB 1
31-07-12 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightrally.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Rally" Trailer 212.7MB 2
13-07-11 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightrevenant.... Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Revenant" Trailer 129.3MB 9
12-08-11 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightrhapsody.... Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Rhapsody" Trailer 111MB 0
10-05-12 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightriftwalke... Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Riftwalker" Trailer 211.3MB 1
09-12-11 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightshadowbla... Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Shadowblade" Trailer 103.9MB 1
27-04-11 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightsilhouett... Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Silhouette" Trailer 80.6MB 0
18-07-12 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightslither.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Slither" Trailer 222.4MB 1
27-09-12 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightsolstice.... Heroes of Newerth "Classic Hero Spotlight - Solstice" Trailer 208.9MB 2
25-03-11 heroesofnewerth_herospotlighttremble.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Tremble" Trailer 98.2MB 3
12-09-12 heroesofnewerth_herospotlightwretchedh... Heroes of Newerth "Classic Hero Spotlight - Wretched Hag" Trailer 212.6MB 2
14-05-12 heroesofnewerth_honiversaryartcontesta... Heroes of Newerth "HoN-iversary Art Contest Award" Trailer 48.4MB 1
14-01-11 heroesofnewerth_honsuperserieslaunch.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "HoN Super Series Launch" Trailer 26.7MB 6
25-11-11 heroesofnewerth_hontourannounce.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "HoN Tour" Trailer 60.9MB 1
21-02-11 heroesofnewerth_jonstjohnbadassannounc... Heroes of Newerth "Badass Announcer - Jon St. John" Teaser Trailer 15.3MB 57
29-02-12 heroesofnewerth_kinesis.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Kinesis" Trailer 117.3MB 1
15-08-12 heroesofnewerth_legionnaireherospotlig... Heroes of Newerth "Hero Spotlight - Legionnaire" Trailer 204.6MB 3
21-02-12 heroesofnewerth_newerthapocalypseepiso... Heroes of Newerth "Newerth Apocalypse Episode Three: Famine" Trailer 32.4MB 2
28-02-12 heroesofnewerth_newerthapocalypseepiso... Heroes of Newerth "Newerth Apocalypse Episode Four: Death" Trailer 32.3MB 2
20-02-12 heroesofnewerth_newerthapocalypseepiso... Heroes of Newerth "Newerth Apocalypse Episode One: War" Trailer 27.4MB 3
20-02-12 heroesofnewerth_newerthapocalypseepiso... Heroes of Newerth "Newerth Apocalypse Episode Two: Pestilence" Trailer 27.4MB 2
03-09-12 heroesofnewerth_oogiedevblog.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Oogie" Dev Blog Trailer 52.2MB 2
01-08-11 heroesofnewerth_patchpreviewshowmatchm... Heroes of Newerth "Patch Preview - Showmatch MSI vs OK" Trailer 603.9MB 0
12-01-12 heroesofnewerth_patrioticbubblesteaser... Heroes of Newerth "Patriotic Bubbles" Teaser Trailer 12.2MB 0
08-10-12 heroesofnewerth_tourannouncement.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Tour Announcement" Trailer 121MB 3
20-10-12 heroesofnewerth_ultimateavatarsdd.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Ultimate Avatars" Dev Diary Trailer 129.7MB 4
02-09-13 heroesofnewerth_ultimatenighthound.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Ultimate Nighthound" Trailer 70.8MB 1
29-07-13 heroesofnewerth_ultimatenightmarepreda... Heroes of Newerth "Ultimate Nightmare Predator" Trailer 56.9MB 8
12-08-13 heroesofnewerth_ultimatepyromancer.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Ultimate Pyromancer" Trailer 36.7MB 5
31-01-13 heroesofnewerth_update3.0towerandbase.... Heroes of Newerth "Update 3.0: Towers and Base" Trailer 99.4MB 10
25-02-13 heroesofnewerth_update3launch.mp4 Heroes of Newerth "Update 3.0" Launch Trailer 90.9MB 1
07-12-09 HoNClient-0.1.30.exe Heroes of Newerth Client v0.1.30 Beta 246.7MB 185
10-11-09 HoNClient-0.1.49.exe Heroes of Newerth Beta Client 0.1.49 268.5MB 562
29-03-10 HoNClient-0.3.0.exe Heroes of Newerth Client v0.30 Beta 338.6MB 167
13-05-10 HoNClient-0.3.3.exe Heroes of Newerth Client v0.3.3 341.4MB 79
03-06-10 HoNClient-1.0.1.sh Heroes Of Newerth Client v1.0.1 for Linux 352MB 13
14-09-10 HoNClient- Heroes of Newerth Client v1.0.12.1 392.8MB 358
14-09-10 HoNClient-1.0.12.dmg Heroes of Newerth Client v1.0.12.1 for Mac OS X 385.3MB 25
14-09-10 HoNClient-1.0.12.sh Heroes of Newerth Client v1.0.12.1 for Linux 382.4MB 29
14-12-10 HoNClient- Heroes of Newerth Client v2.0.0 for Mac OS X 401.2MB 7
14-12-10 HoNClient- Heroes of Newerth Client v2.0.0 for Linux 397.4MB 6
15-06-10 HoNClient-1.0.3.exe Heroes of Newerth Client v1.0.3 for Windows 366.7MB 31
02-07-10 HoNClient-1.0.4.exe Heroes of Newerth Client v1.0.4 366.7MB 46
03-08-10 HoNClient-1.0.8.exe Heroes of Newerth Client v1.0.8 387.4MB 118
14-12-10 HoNClient-2.0.0.exe Heroes of Newerth Client v2.0.0 462.5MB 121
06-04-11 HoNClient-2.0.21.dmg Heroes of Newerth Client v2.0.21 for Mac OS X 480.3MB 0
06-04-11 HoNClient-2.0.21.exe Heroes of Newerth Client v2.0.21 484.9MB 44
06-04-11 HoNClient-2.0.21.sh Heroes of Newerth Client v2.0.21 for Linux 475.8MB 1
13-05-11 HoNClient-2.0.28.dmg Heroes of Newerth Client v2.0.28 for Mac OS X 499.7MB 17
13-05-11 HoNClient-2.0.28.exe Heroes of Newerth Client v2.0.28 503.3MB 128
13-05-11 HoNClient-2.0.28.sh Heroes of Newerth Client v2.0.28 for Linux 495.2MB 2
30-07-11 HoNClient- Heroes of Newerth Client v2.1.0.1 for Mac OS X 585.6MB 116
30-07-11 HoNClient- Heroes of Newerth Client v2.1.0.1 588.1MB 161
30-07-11 HoNClient- Heroes of Newerth Client v2.1.0.1 for Linux 580.5MB 56
25-08-11 HoNClient-2.1.5.exe Heroes of Newerth Client v2.1.5 607.4MB 109
08-02-12 HoNClient-2.5.0.dmg Heroes of Newerth Version v2.5.9 for Mac OS X - Free-to-Play 742.4MB 264
13-12-11 HoNClient-2.5.0.exe Heroes of Newerth Client v2.5 762MB 114
08-02-12 HoNClient-2.5.0.sh Heroes of Newerth Version v2.5.9 for Linux - Free-to-Play 736.9MB 27
07-03-12 HoNClient-2.5.12.exe Heroes of Newerth Version v2.5.12 for Windows - Free-to-Play 894.7MB 122