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World of Tanks

Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
12-08-13 ag-paxaus2013-wargamingvictorkislyi-in... AusGamers and World of Tanks Interview with Victor Kislyi 655.4MB 2
21-06-12 worldoftanks_74update.mp4 World of Tanks "Update 7.4" Trailer 61MB 8
10-08-12 worldoftanks_80update.mp4 World of Tanks "Update 8.0" Trailer 138.5MB 4
04-10-12 worldoftanks_80updateoverview.mp4 World of Tanks "Update 8.0 Overview" Trailer 104.1MB 3
15-11-10 worldoftanks_americantanks.wmv World of Tanks "American Tanks" Trailer 49.7MB 4
30-05-12 worldoftanks_britishtanks.mp4 World of Tanks "British Tanks" Trailer 59.5MB 4
21-01-13 worldoftanks_chineselighttanksoverview... World of Tanks "Chinese Light Tanks Overview" Trailer 109.5MB 3
08-06-11 worldoftanks_E32011exclusivetrailer.wmv World of Tanks E3 2011 "Exclusive" Trailer 24.7MB 1
12-08-14 worldoftanks_gamescom2014.mp4 World of Tanks Gamescom 2014 Trailer 57.6MB 18
19-08-11 worldoftanks_gc2011cg.mp4 World of Tanks GC 2011 Cinematic Trailer 34.5MB 18
08-09-10 worldoftanks_heavytanks.avi World of Tanks "Heavy Tanks" Gameplay Trailer 84.8MB 12
14-04-11 worldoftanks_launch.wmv World of Tanks Launch Trailer 67.7MB 6
19-07-10 worldoftanks_lighttanksgp.wmv World of Tanks Light Tanks Gameplay Trailer 23.1MB 16
30-07-10 worldoftanks_mediumtanks.wmv World of Tanks Medium Tanks Gameplay Trailer 32MB 10
24-12-10 worldoftanks_merrychristmas.avi World of Tanks "Merry Christmas" Trailer 125.6MB 5
13-04-12 worldoftanks_oneyearanniversary.mp4 World of Tanks "One Year Anniversary" Trailer 31MB 2
28-01-11 worldoftanks_openbetalaunch.wmv World of Tanks "Open Beta Launch" Trailer 114.4MB 3
28-02-14 worldoftanks_refined.mp4 World of Tanks "Refined" Trailer 52.5MB 14
24-08-12 worldoftanks_reviewoftier10tankdestroy... World of Tanks "Review of Tier 10 Tank Destroyers" Trailer 137.5MB 3
09-07-10 worldoftanks_sportscars.wmv World of Tanks "Sportcars" Trailer 23.3MB 3
29-08-12 worldoftanks_superpershing.mp4 World of Tanks "Super Pershing" Trailer 123.6MB 3
10-09-12 worldoftanks_tankacademyepisode1.mp4 World of Tanks "Tank Academy - Episode 01" Trailer 197.1MB 4
13-04-10 worldoftanks_teaser.wmv World of Tanks Trailer 40MB 7
17-02-10 worldoftanks_teaser.wmv World of Tanks Teaser Trailer 40MB 11
17-09-12 worldoftanks_thekv2guide.mp4 World of Tanks "The KV-2 Guide" Trailer 239.9MB 5
04-02-11 worldoftanks_tutorialpt1gettingstarted... World of Tanks "Tutorial #1 - Getting Started" Trailer 78.6MB 3
23-02-11 worldoftanks_tutorialpt3progress.wmv World of Tanks "Tutorial #3 - Progress" Trailer 94MB 3
02-03-11 worldoftanks_tutorialpt4gamemodes.wmv World of Tanks "Tutorial #4 - Game Modes" Trailer 97.8MB 3
20-05-11 worldoftanks_tutorialpt5clanwars.wmv World of Tanks "Tutorial #5 - Clan Wars" Trailer 170.1MB 2
14-02-11 worldoftanks_tutorialptfirstbattle.wmv World of Tanks "Tutorial #2 - First Battle" Trailer 185.7MB 5
13-05-11 worldoftanks_update064.wmv World of Tanks "Update 0.6.4" Trailer 65.5MB 1
30-06-11 worldoftanks_update65.mp4 World of Tanks "Update 6.5" Trailer 96.8MB 0
05-08-11 worldoftanks_update66.mp4 World of Tanks "Update 0.6.6" Trailer 52.4MB 3
23-11-11 worldoftanks_update70.wmv World of Tanks "Update 7.0" Trailer 133.7MB 1
03-02-12 worldoftanks_update72.mp4 World of Tanks "Update 7.2" Trailer 35.7MB 7
07-04-12 worldoftanks_update73.mp4 World of Tanks "Update 7.3" Trailer 48.2MB 3
04-07-12 worldoftanks_update75teaser.mp4 World of Tanks "Update 7.5" Teaser Trailer 33.8MB 3
17-01-13 worldoftanks_update8.3.mp4 World of Tanks "Update 8.3" Trailer 48MB 3
20-06-13 worldoftanks_update8.6.mp4 World of Tanks "Update 8.6" Trailer 57.6MB 1
01-08-13 worldoftanks_update8.7.mp4 World of Tanks "Update 8.7" Trailer 18.5MB 2
25-09-12 worldoftanks_uralsteel2012.mp4 World of Tanks "Ural Steel 2012" Trailer 26.6MB 4
10-11-12 worldoftanks_v8.2update.mp4 World of Tanks "Update 8.2" Trailer 26.4MB 3
21-12-11 worldoftanks_vivalafrance.mp4 World of Tanks "Vive La France" Trailer 16.8MB 4
15-09-10 worldoftanks_WOT_SPGs.avi World of Tanks "SPG Hummel" Gameplay Trailer 140.5MB 6
11-06-13 worldoftanks_xbox360e32013.mp4 World of Tanks Xbox 360 E3 2013 Trailer 37.4MB 6
14-04-11 WoT_0.6.3.11_us_setup.exe World of Tanks Client v0.6.3.11 1.8GB 144
19-05-11 WoT_0.6.4_us_patch.exe World of Tanks Patch v0.6.3.11 to v0.6.4 880.3MB 84
19-05-11 WoT_0.6.4_us_setup.exe World of Tanks Client v0.6.4 1.8GB 142
08-07-11 WoT_0.6.5_us_patch.exe World of Tanks Patch v0.6.4 to v0.6.5 398MB 44
08-07-11 WoT_0.6.5_us_setup.exe World of Tanks Client v0.6.5 1.9GB 64
11-08-11 WoT_0.6.6_us_patch.exe World of Tanks Patch v0.6.5 to v0.6.6 304MB 31
11-08-11 WoT_0.6.6_us_setup.exe World of Tanks Client v0.6.6 2.1GB 114
20-09-11 WoT_0.6.7_us_patch.exe World of Tanks Patch v0.6.6 to v0.6.7 243MB 51
21-09-11 WoT_0.6.7_us_setup.exe World of Tanks Client v0.6.7 2.3GB 81
15-12-11 WoT_0.7.0_us_patch.exe Wold of Tanks Patch v0.6.7 to v0.7.0 1.3GB 45
15-12-11 WoT_0.7.0_us_setup.exe World of Tanks Client v0.7.0 2.5GB 115
15-03-12 WoT_0.7.1.1_setup_us.exe World of Tanks Client v7.1 2.6GB 12
06-01-12 WoT_0.7.1_us_patch.exe World of Tanks Patch v0.7.0 to v0.7.1 251.2MB 38
06-01-12 WoT_0.7.1_us_setup.exe Wold of Tanks Client v0.7.1 2.6GB 77
31-03-12 WoT_0.7.2_us_patch.exe World of Tanks Patch v0.7.11 to v0.7.2 643.3MB 19
02-04-12 WoT_0.7.2_us_setup.exe World of Tanks Client v0.7.2 2.6GB 27
09-05-12 WoT_0.7.3_us_patch.exe World of Tanks Patch v0.7.2 to v0.7.3 257.9MB 18
09-05-12 WoT_0.7.3_us_setup.exe World of Tanks Client v0.7.3 2.8GB 46
16-07-12 WoT_0.7.4_sea_setup.exe World of Tanks Client v7.4 [South East Asia] 3.1GB 7
21-06-12 WoT_0.7.4_us_patch.exe World Of Tanks Patch v0.7.3 to v0.7.4 670.1MB 66
21-06-12 WoT_0.7.4_us_setup.exe World Of Tanks Client v0.7.4 3.1GB 18
02-08-12 WoT_0.7.5_eu_patch.exe World Of Tanks Patch v0.7.4 to v0.7.5 [Europe] 394.1MB 57
03-08-12 WoT_0.7.5_us_patch.exe World Of Tanks Patch v0.7.4 to v0.7.5 [USA] 395.6MB 25
03-08-12 WoT_0.7.5_us_setup.exe World Of Tanks Client v7.5 [USA] 3.3GB 43
27-09-12 WoT_0.8.0_sea_patch.exe World of Tanks Patch v7.5 to v8.0 [SEA] 1.3GB 134
27-09-12 WoT_0.8.0_sea_setup.exe World of Tanks Client v8.0 [SEA] 3.7GB 161
27-09-12 WoT_0.8.0_us_patch.exe World of Tanks Patch v0.7.5 to v0.8.0 [USA] 1.3GB 44
02-11-12 WoT_0.8.1_sea_patch.exe World of Tanks Patch v0.8.1 [SEA] 607MB 25
14-12-12 WoT_0.8.2_us_patch.exe World of Tanks Patch v0.8.2 [NA] 607.7MB 21
18-01-13 WoT_0.8.3_sea_patch.exe World of Tanks Patch v8.2 to v8.3 [SEA] 194.2MB 15
15-04-13 World of Tanks Client v8.4 [SEA] 4.5GB 15
07-03-13 WoT_0.8.4_sea_patch.exe World of Tanks Patch v8.4 [SEA] 862MB 25
07-08-13 World of Tanks Client v8.7 [NA] 5.2GB 141
09-07-13 World of Tanks Client v8.7 [SEA] 5.2GB 39
29-09-13 World of Tanks Client v8.8 [SEA] 5.6GB 404
19-12-13 World of Tanks Client v8.9 [SEA] 5.7GB 81
30-04-13 wot_85.2490_84.2367_client.patch World of Tanks Patch v8.5 [SEA] 651.2MB 68
30-04-13 wot_85.2493_84.2429_client.patch World of Tanks Patch v8.4 to v8.5 [USA] 649.4MB 8
15-10-13 wot_88.3048_88.3047_client.patch World of Tanks Public Test Patch v88.3047 to v88.3048 3.8GB 10
14-10-13 wot_88.3079_88.3055_client.patch World of Tanks Public Test Patch v88.3079 to v88.3055 49.2MB 4
07-11-13 wot_89.3315_88.3118_client.patch World of Tanks Client v8.8 to v8.9 [NA] 451.5MB 13
13-10-14 wot_93.4764_92.4531_client.patch World of Tanks Patch v9.2 to v9.3 [US] 1GB 23
31-07-10 WoT_beta.0.4.5_eng_full_setup.exe World Of Tanks Online Client v0.4.5 1.1GB 32
05-07-10 WoT_beta.0.4.5_eng_setup.exe World of Tanks Beta Client v0.4.5 1.1GB 203
03-09-10 WoT_beta_0.4.5- World of Tanks v0.4.5 to v0.5.4.1 patch 380MB 153
15-11-10 WoT_beta_0. World of Tanks Patch v0.5.5.1 to v0.6.1.5 711.9MB 58
15-11-10 WoT_beta_0. World of Tanks Client v0.6.1.5 1.6GB 98
04-01-11 WoT_beta_0.6.2.7_eng_patch.exe World of Tanks Beta Patch v0.6.1.5 to v0.6.2.7 565.9MB 20
22-03-11 WoT_beta_0.6.3.8_com_setup.exe World Of Tanks Client v0.6.3.8 1.7GB 65