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Rainbow Six Vegas

Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
20-10-06 Rainbow Six: Vegas "Mexican Border" Trailer 162MB 52
03-07-06 R6-V__Dev_Diary__Mocap_FINAL_EMEA_h264... Rainbow Six: Vegas MOCAP Dev Diary Trailer 140.3MB 7
21-12-07 Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Teaser Trailer 35.4MB 373
05-03-08 r6v2_coopfeaturette.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 "Co-op" Trailer 35.7MB 47
27-03-08 r6v2_highstakeswknd.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 "High-Stakes Weekend" Trailer 53.4MB 29
19-03-08 r6v2_launch.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Launch Trailer 32.4MB 52
14-03-08 r6v2_nightvision_featurette.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 "Night Vision" Trailer 38.2MB 24
14-03-08 r6v2_silencer_featurette.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 "Silencer" Trailer 46.3MB 125
14-03-08 r6v2_thermalscan_featurette.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 "Thermal Scan" Trailer 34.1MB 76
14-01-08 r6vegas2_2.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Teaser Trailer #2 38.9MB 45
19-04-07 Rainbow Six: Vegas "Player's Pack Red Edition" Trailer 122MB 5
29-06-07 Rainbow Six: Vegas PlayStation 3 Trailer #2 14.6MB 6
28-11-06 r6v_coop_trailer-hd.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas "Co-op" Trailer 207.3MB 143
18-09-06 r6v_danteshotel.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas "Dante's Hotel" Trailer 89.1MB 77
13-11-06 r6v_dev_diary_multiplayer.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas "Multiplayer" Trailer 28.9MB 43
30-08-06 r6v_dev_diary_opa.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas "O.P.A" Trailer 18.5MB 49
16-10-06 r6v_dev_diary_pec_cam.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas "P.E.C Cam" Dev Diary Trailer 22.2MB 19
03-11-06 r6v_downtown_map_reveal.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas "Downtown Vegas" Trailer 263.5MB 138
03-08-06 r6v_itv_aparizeau.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas "Producer Q&A" Trailer 4.9MB 22
17-11-06 r6v_vertigo_map_reveal.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas "Vertigo Spire" Trailer 169.2MB 101
13-06-06 E3 2006 Rainbow Six: Vegas Trailer 309.9MB 146
28-09-06 r6v_x06_trailer.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas X06 Trailer 11.9MB 101
01-07-08 rainbow6v2_fanpack.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 "Fan Pack" Trailer 83.4MB 9
25-02-08 rainbow6vegass2_weapons_gdc08.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 "Weapons" GDC 08 Trailer 51.8MB 68
11-02-08 rainbowsix2_demolition.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 "Demolition" Trailer 42.4MB 24
11-02-08 rainbowsix2_devdiary_multicoop.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 "Coop Dev DIary" Trailer 93.8MB 33
18-02-08 rainbowsix2_limiteded.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 "Limited Ed." Trailer 29.1MB 25
11-02-08 rainbowsix2_teamleader.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 "Team Leader" Trailer 28.9MB 40
26-06-07 Rainbow Six: Vegas PlayStation 3 Trailer 32.8MB 3
18-07-07 rainbow_six_vegas_1.00_To_1.05.exe Rainbow Six: Vegas Patch v1.05 236MB 1879
16-01-07 rainbow_six_vegas_1.03.exe Rainbow Six: Vegas Patch v1.03 87.7MB 790
01-02-07 rainbow_six_vegas_1.04.exe Rainbow Six: Vegas Patch v1.04 99.9MB 1148
24-10-07 rainbow_six_vegas_1.06.exe Rainbow Six: Vegas Patch v1.06 236.2MB 1428
27-07-07 rainbow_six_vegas_maps_pack.exe Rainbow Six: Vegas PC Map Pack 655.5MB 4374
22-11-06 rsix_vegas_trlr_gen_r_l.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas Launch Trailer 14MB 70
27-10-06 rsv_calypso_map_reveal.wmv Rainbow Six: Vegas "Calypso Casino" Trailer 113.9MB 96

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