We take The Coalition's bar-raising Gears of War 4 for a hands-on spin and find it knows Gears best!
Grinding Familiar Yet Awesome Gears - Hands-On Gears of War 4!
Ahead of next month's release get a quick rundown on what to expect.
A Look at the Maps and Modes of Battlefield 1
We chat with the game's lead designer on its origins and beyond!
Interview: Ubisoft Dishes up on Star Trek Bridge Crew
The console formerly known as the PlayStation Neo has finally been revealed as the 4K HDR-ready PlayStation 4 Pro
Sony Announces the More Powerful PlayStation 4 Pro
The Division – Week One Impressions
Post by KostaAndreadis on 05:49pm 15/03/16.
After spending a week with full version of Ubisoft's ambitious new title The Divsion we give you our early impressions. It's a big game to say the least, and exploring the aftermath of New York City after a viral outbreak has never looked, or felt, so good.
Does Quantum Break Represent a Quantum Leap in Gaming?
Post by Steve Farrelly on 05:10pm 14/03/16.
We got hands-on with a near-finished build of Remedy's Quantum Break, and also managed to check out of the episodes of the game's TV show companion. Read on for our full thoughts...
Stockholm Syndrome - Dark Souls 3 Hands-On Preview
Post by Steve Farrelly on 05:04pm 04/03/16.
Our hands-on with Dark Souls III was more a war of uneducated attrition than anything, but we still want more...
Far Cry Primal - the Same but not the Same
Post by Steve Farrelly on 12:51pm 04/02/16.
We take a look at how Far Cry familiarity is actually working in favour of Far Cry Primal...
Down with the Sickness - Feedback and Thoughts from The Division Beta
Post by KostaAndreadis on 03:26pm 02/02/16.
The Division just had its first beta weekend, and we were there to play and share our thoughts. Does it live up to the hype? Or is it too early to tell? Spoiler alert, it's a bit of both.
Far Cry Primal Hands-On Preview – Kings of the Stone Age
Post by nachosjustice on 03:44pm 04/12/15.
AusGamers was invited out to a special hands-on preview event to see their not-so-primative design skills at work on Far Cry Primal. Read on for our thoughts...
Overwatch - Accidentally Deliberate: a Chat with Blizzard's Scott Mercer, the Game's Principal Designer
Post by Joaby on 04:19pm 18/11/15.
AusGamers' own Joaby Gilroy was invited out to BlizzCon where it was almost impossible to pull him away from Overwatch stations. He did long enough though to chat to the game's principal designer, Scott Mercer. Read on for what he had to say...
Vault-Tec's own Courtenay Taylor Talks Voicing the Female Lead in Fallout 4
Post by Steve Farrelly on 05:23pm 26/10/15.
We were given a chance to chat with Courtenay Taylor who has supplied her voice-talent to the player-created female lead in Fallout 4. Read on for her thoughts on the game, and the recording process...
Throwback Thursday - Dark Forces (1995)
Post by KostaAndreadis on 05:38pm 15/10/15.
Throwback Thursday is a weekly column here on AusGamers where Kosta opens up the proverbial gaming industry attic, has a poke around, finds dusty copies of games from a different time – and plays them!
A Time to Kill – Black Ops III Studio Design Director David Vonderhaar Talks Story, Level Design and TTK
Post by nachosjustice on 11:36am 15/10/15.
Nathan “nachosjustice” Lawrence sat down with Call of Duty: Black Ops III Studio Design Director David Vonderhaar to talk about the latest CoD’s story, how co-op impacts level design, and whether time to kill has changed in light of special abilities.
School of Rock – Guitar Hero Live Designer James Norris Talks Bringing the Franchise Out of Retirement
Post by nachosjustice on 04:43pm 13/10/15.
Before going hands-on with the latest iteration of the franchise, Guitar Hero Live, Nathan “nachosjustice” Lawrence jammed with FreeStyle Games designer James Norris about what can be expected from the impending gig.
Embracing the Name – Rise of the Tomb Raider’s Lead Designer Mike Brinker On Tomb Raiding and Increasing the Challenge
Post by nachosjustice on 04:18pm 12/10/15.
Nathan “nachosjustice” Lawrence goes on an adventure with Rise of the Tomb Raider’s Lead Designer Mike Brinker to find out more about Lara’s next adventure.
Say Goodbye to Clunky Spartans - Multiplayer Design Director Kevin Franklin On Tuning a Faster Halo 5 Experience
Post by nachosjustice on 05:12pm 07/10/15.
Nathan “nachosjustice” Lawrence picked the brain of Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Design Director to find out more about pro input, aiming down sights and time to kill.
No More Pulling Punches – Game Director Scott Phillips Talks Tweaking the Fundamentals in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
Post by nachosjustice on 02:10pm 07/10/15.
AusGamers’ Nathan “nachosjustice” Lawrence sat down with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Game Director Scott Phillips to discuss what’s new for the yearly iterating series, and which mechanics have been improved.
Cards on the Table - Hands-On with the Star Wars Battlefront Beta
Post by Joaby on 08:10am 06/10/15.
Joaby went to Stockholm in Sweden to play the Star Wars Battlefront beta before it goes live this week. Read on to find out what he thought...
Darwinism Versus Revolution – Hands-on with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
Post by nachosjustice on 03:25pm 01/10/15.
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate takes a closer look at some of the recurring sins of the series and has a shot at presenting the best version of the familiar gameplay loop yet.
The TF2/MOBA-Inspired Shooter You’ve Never Played - Hands-on with Overwatch
Post by Junglist on 03:32pm 30/09/15.
Our MOBA commander and old-school shooter specialist Jeremy "Junglist" Ray tackles Blizzard's newest title, Overwatch, and comes away a changed gamer.
Reinventing the Wheel - Hands-On with Need for Speed
Post by Joaby on 03:19pm 30/09/15.
Joaby takes the new Need for Speed for a spin and picks the brain of his co-pilot, Executive Producer Marcus Nilsson.
Designing the Amalgamated Apocalypse – Artist Luke Mancini on Reinterpreting Iconic Characters for Heroes of the Storm
Post by nachosjustice on 03:27pm 28/09/15.
AusGamers’ Nathan “nachosjustice” Lawrence interviewed a bunch of Aussie devs recently about how they got into the industry, but stayed on the line with Blizzard’s Luke Mancini a little longer to pick his brain about what it’s like being an artist at the mammoth developer. Read on for what he had to say…
Why Ditching Macro Mechanics is the Right Move for StarCraft 2
Post by Junglist on 12:14pm 25/09/15.
Resident StarCraft II expert Junglist takes a closer look at why abandoning macro mechanics in StarCraft II is a good thing.
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