We take a look at a factor of Nintendo's next epic Link adventure that might be missing
Is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Missing Something?
Has The Division's newest DLC addressed endgame content? Read on to find out!
Exploring The Division's Underground DLC!
We've taken Ubisoft's For Honor for a hands-on spin with some input from the developers!
Honour Thy Swords: Hands-On with For Honor!
We spoke with lead game designer Kenneth Strickland who revealed a lot about the game's development!
Developer Interview: South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Fire in the Hole! Hands-on with Rainbow Six Siege
Post by nachosjustice on 03:24pm 24/09/15.
Multi-platform preview of a 2015 late release that may well steal the multiplayer crown for the year.
Trading Fantasy for Despair, while Leveling Up - A Quick Overview of the Coming Post-Apocalypse
Post by AusGamers Admin on 04:24pm 11/09/15.
This is an Advertorial focusing on the coming explosion in post-apocalypse media, sponsored by Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.
Halo 5: Guardians will be "Galactic in Scale" with a Major Co-Op Focus in Campaign Mode - 343 Industries
Post by Steve Farrelly on 05:03pm 07/09/15.
We recently sat in on a hands-off demo of Halo 5: Guardians and caught the game's co-op campaign focus first-hand. We also chatted with Josh Holmes from 343 Industries. Read on for more...
The WGL Season 1 Finals - Or How I Learnt to Start Loving eSports
Post by Steve Farrelly on 01:24pm 07/09/15.
AusGamers was invited out to the WGL Season One Finals in Korea where we walked away with a newfound respect and understanding for the potential for eSports on a global scale. Read to learn why...
Mafia III Preview and Interview Feature - Building a Brave, Bold and Brutal New World
Post by Steve Farrelly on 04:10pm 04/09/15.
We took on a brutal hands-off demo of Mafia III recently and also spoke with executive producer Andy Wilson. Read on for what he had to say and our full thoughts on the game...
Tech Review: D-Link’s DSL-2877AL - Entry Level Connectivity
Post by Barry on 01:30pm 01/09/15.
We're welcoming a new contributor on board the AusGamers train today, with Glen Gugliotti throwing his hand up to help with tech. Check out his first review of the D-Link DSL-2877AL...
Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain - A Review in Progress
Post by Joaby on 12:29pm 01/09/15.
Sometimes games are so big, and so long that a timely review is a hard feat to pull off, especially when coupled with not-so-timely review access to said game. As has been the case with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, so Joaby is giving you a heads-up on what he's experienced so far in this "review in progress" piece. Read on for more...
Knights of the Fallen Empire is “Like Episode IV” – BioWare on Star Wars: The Old Republic's Next Expansion
Post by nachosjustice on 02:20pm 26/08/15.
Nathan "NachosJustice" Lawrence was invited to visit BioWare by EA at this year's Gamescom. Read on for what he took from the developer on their newest Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion...
This is Not the Battlefield Reskin You’re Looking For – Hands-on with Star Wars Battlefront and Interview with DICE's Patrick Bach
Post by nachosjustice on 12:29pm 18/08/15.
Nathan Lawrence was invited to get hands-on with Star Wars Battlefront and its newly-revealed game mode
League of Legends Aussie-Based OPL Grand Final Event Wrap-Up
Post by Steve Farrelly on 03:09pm 14/08/15.
Joab was in attendance at the OPL Grand Final at Luna Park this year, read on for his complete adventure!
Dark Souls 3 Hands-On - F#@k the Haters
Post by Joaby on 03:37pm 12/08/15.
Our resident Souls expert Joab Gilroy has taken Dark Souls 3 for a hands-on spin and walks away enthusiastic, embattered, guarded and entrenched. Read on for what he had to say...
Game of Champions - Team 5's Ben Thompson Talks Evolving Hearthstone from Vanilla to The Grand Tournament
Post by Steve Farrelly on 02:33pm 11/08/15.
We sat down with Blizzard's Ben Thompson who is a part of Team 5 and the ever-popular Hearthstone. He chats about evolving the game with fun at it's absolute core, from vanilla to The Grand Tournament. Read on for what he had to say...
A Scale of a Time - An In-Depth Look at Platinum's Xbox One Exclusive Scalebound, with Quotes from Designer Hideki Kamiya
Post by Steve Farrelly on 05:56pm 10/08/15.
We take a look at Platinum Games' Xbox One exclusive Scalebound and chat with game director Hideki Kamiya. Read on for more...
World of Tanks Xbox One Launch Write-Up - Plus Realism vs Advantage: Console vs PC
Post by Steve Farrelly on 07:19pm 05/08/15.
Joaby was recently invited out to a launch event for World of Tanks on Xbox One. Read on for what rolled on...
Throwback Thursday - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Post by KostaAndreadis on 11:47am 30/07/15.
Throwback Thursday is a weekly column here on AusGamers where Kosta opens up the proverbial gaming industry attic, has a poke around, finds dusty copies of games from a different time – and plays them!
Doom Hands-On Preview – Dancing a Hell of a Fine Line Between Old-School and Contemporary Mechanics
Post by nachosjustice on 12:33pm 29/07/15.
Direct from QuakeCon, we have Nathan Lawrence's hands-on preview with the latest build of the reimagined Doom from id Software. Read on for his full thoughts...
Fallout 4 Hands-Off Preview – Remember, Remember, the 10th of November
Post by nachosjustice on 11:33am 27/07/15.
AusGamers' own Nathan "NachosJustice" Lawrence was in attendance at this year's QuakeCon and saw Fallout 4 up close and personal, while also chatting with Bethesda's Pete Hines on the game. Read on for more...
Throwback Thursday - The Pink Puff Ball Called Kirby
Post by KostaAndreadis on 05:54pm 16/07/15.
Throwback Thursday is a weekly column here on AusGamers where Kosta opens up the proverbial gaming industry attic, has a poke around, finds dusty copies of games from a different time – and plays them!
Opinion: How a Low Skill Floor Makes Rocket League Amazing
Post by Joaby on 11:48am 15/07/15.
We tackle what it is about Rocket League that makes it so very addictive.
Triple-B - 10 Not Quite Blockbuster Marketed Games You Should Keep Your Eye On
Post by Steve Farrelly on 03:32pm 14/07/15.
We take 10 games that aren't calling you to duty with assassins on battlefields, to show you what else is worth your undivided gaming attention in 2015. Read on for more...
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